Novo número do Journal of Copyright in Education and Librarianship

Journal of Copyright in Education and Librarianship publicou novo número com os seguintes artigos:

An Interview with Peter Jaszi, Professor of Law, Faculty Director of the Glushko-Samuelson Intellectual Property Clinic
Tucker Taylor, Carla S. Myers, Andrew Wesolek

Section 108 Revision: Nothing New Under the Sun
Brandon Butler, Carrie Russell

Book Review: Copyright and E-learning: A Guide for Practitioners
Jane Secker, with Chris Morrison.
Sarah McCleskey

Book Review: Create, Copy, Disrupt: India’s Intellectual Property Dilemmas by Prashant Reddy T. & Sumathi Chandrashekan
Kevin L. Smith

Streaming Media in an Uncertain Legal Environment: A Model Policy and Best Practices for Academic Libraries
Tina M Adams, Claudia C Holland

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